Vegan of the Year Awards 2014 2014.11.07
   Congratulations to the first Loving Hut in Norway 2013.12.25
   [Peru] Congratulations to Loving Hut Titikaka for the Award "ENVIRONMENTAL CITIZENSHIP AWARD 2013" 2013.12.25
   [Taiwan] Congratulations! Five Cities/Regions Favorite 2013.10.09
   COP18: Vegan team in Doha on a healthy mission 2012.12.03
   COP18: Loving Hut is offering a green and healthy solution to climate change 2012.12.03
   Loving Hut is an official co-sponsor of COP 18 2012.11.23
   [California] Loving Hut Mira Mesa's Avocado BLT among PETA's Top 10 Vegan BLTs in Nation 2012.10.30
   [France] Loving Hut won the Vegan of the Year 2012 Awards 2012.08.31
   [France] Loving Hut Menton, France won the Vegan of the Year 2012 Awards 2012.08.31
   Vegan dog food now available for your loving doggies 2012.02.25
   [Taiwan] 愛家國際餐飲獲得「第一屆台灣百大米餐廳大賽」殊榮 2012.01.30
   [Austria] Loving Hut Inn Wins PETA’s Progress Award-2011.08 2011.08.30
   Loving Hut (Worldwide) has won the 2010 “Veggie Award" as the “Favorite Restaurant” 2010.11.17
   [Hong Kong ]Hong Kong Catering Year Book Award 2010 2010.09.09
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