[France] Loving Hut Menton, France won the Vegan of the Year 2012 Awards

The winners of the Vegan of the Year Awards have been announced on

The Vegan of the Year Awards 2012:

Outstanding Vegan Restaurant:

Asia: Veganburg - Singapore

Oceania: From Earth and Water (Gold Coast, QLD) and Sadhana Kitchen (Newtown, NSW)

Highly Commended: IKU (Sydney, NSW), 20,000 Cows (Lismore, NSW) and Bliss Organic Cafe (Adelaide, SA)

U.K/Europe: Loving Hut - Menton, France

USA: Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park, LA)

Highly Commended: Cafe Gratitude (LA), Spiral Diner (Dallas) and Vegetarian House (San Jose).

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