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Hong Kong
1 Kowloon Store
Our Menu
Fresh Grind Loving Coffee / Tea with Soymilk
$ 26/ $22
Almond Coffee (front) / Organic Almond Soya Milk (..
$26(小) / $32 (大)
Lime soda
$ 28
Organic Hot Tea with soy milk
Organic Coffee with soy milk
$ 17
Coffee (with coconut milk or soy milk)
Mixed tea and coffee
Genmaicha (brown rice tea)
Lemon tea
Lemon water
Soft drinks : Coke, Sprit, Fanta, Coke light
Kraft Malz (non-alcoholic fermented malt nutritiou..
Clausthaler (non-alcoholic beer)
Dandelion coffee (no caffeine, toxin elimination, ..
Passion fruit drink
Momordicae grosvenori nectar
Organic soy milk
Almond soy milk
Black sesame soy milk
Drinking chocolate
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