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Eco Topics
   URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Lives… 2020-03-04


URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Livestock Factory Owners


Dear all animal meat business persons, groups, and livestock factory owners: Please take heed, because this is very, very important for you. You must know this before it’s too late – for you. This is what hell will sentence you for: … Maybe you did not do it on purpose. Maybe you didn’t think about it, but you must do think about it, because it concerns you. You will go to hell and suffer so much more, a thousand times more than these animals and people are suffering because of your bloody business. I am not swearing. Blood is on your hands. On your body, in your hair, in your stomach, in your breath, in your lungs, in your cars, in your houses. In your food, in your shoes, the leather shoes that you wear. Everything. It’s all stained in blood, soaked in blood. U-turn now when you still can. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf. For I also love you, despite what you have done. So stop the murdering. Stop it now and repent, so that the mercy of God might not be obstructed for you and yours. May God help you to be awakened soon. Please keep watching to find out more. This is a highly recommended must-watch!

   俄羅斯名模瑪格莉特身體力行純植物… 2012-04-20

The Noble Wilds 寫於 2012年4月20日2:22

俄羅斯女藝人瑪格莉特(Martarlita)是台北愛家純素火鍋店的常客. 不加素料的藥膳養生鍋是她的最愛.

海水藍貼身運動拉鍊上衣, 搭配全黑底色印有大彩蝶圖案的寬鬆瑜伽褲, 瑪格莉特按照慣例, 騎著那台炫酷腳踏車前來赴會, 還帶著舉止優雅的狗寶貝Malishila.

當身材高朓, 明艷照人的金髮美人一入店內, 似乎帶進了一股春神的氣息與靈思, 為即將進行的專訪, 埋下預期之外的驚喜和收穫.


瑪格莉特邊享用午餐, 邊談她的vegan觀點, 依照嚴謹的瑜伽運動規範及生活守則:

為了迎接早晨的太陽, 人們可以精力湯, 椰奶, 水果當作早餐. 日正當中時要吃得豐盛. 日落後的傍晚, 飲食愈簡單愈沒負擔, 生食即是個好的建議方式.

目前尚兼任瑜伽教練的她最擅長的是體位法, 她說, "人的身體就像樂器一般, 必須活出它的完整性, 使之適確地發出該有的音色, 才算擁有真正的健康." (之一)

文章來源The Noble Wilds

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