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Taipei City
Guangfu Branch, Taipei(Hot Pot Store)
Taipei Tian Zhuan Zhai (International Fusion Cuisine)
New Taipei City
Huanbei Branch, Taoyuan (Take Away Shop)
Hsinchu County
Miaoli County
Miaoli Lian He Branch(Fast Food Restaurant)
Taichung City
Yung Fu Branch, Changhua (Fast Food Restaurant)
Tainan City
QingZhong Branch, Tainan(International Fusion Cuisine)
Kaohsiung City
Qinghua Branch, Kaohsiung (Fast Food Restaurant)
Ansin Branch, Pingtung (Fast Food Restaurant)
Luodung Branch, Yilan(Buffet)
Xinyue Branch, Yilan(Fast Food Restaurant)
Yilan Song Fong Yin()
Hualien County
Green Organic Branch, Hualien(organic complex)
Penghu County
Good Friend Veggi House Branch , Penghu(caf'e)
Penghu Paradise B&B
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