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Taipei City
Guangfu Branch, Taipei(Hot Pot Store)
Taipei Tian Zhuan Zhai (International Fusion Cuisine)
New Taipei City
Huanbei Branch, Taoyuan (Take Away Shop)
Hsinchu County
Miaoli County
Miaoli Lian He Branch(Fast Food Restaurant)
Taichung City
Yung Fu Branch, Changhua (Fast Food Restaurant)
Tainan City
QingZhong Branch, Tainan(International Fusion Cuisine)
Kaohsiung City
Qinghua Branch, Kaohsiung (Fast Food Restaurant)
Ansin Branch, Pingtung (Fast Food Restaurant)
Luodung Branch, Yilan(Buffet)
Xinyue Branch, Yilan(Fast Food Restaurant)
Yilan Song Fong Yin()
Hualien County
Green Organic Branch, Hualien(organic complex)
Penghu County
Good Friend Veggi House Branch , Penghu(caf'e)
Penghu Paradise B&B
Our Menu
Taste of Unagi Rice
Soya tenderloin with preserved cabbage and rice
Lemongrass Curry Rice
Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables
Bean Curd Fillet with Sour sauce
Three-Spicy Bearded Tooth Mushroom
Thai Sour and Spicy Noodle Soup
Spicy Soy Cubes
Sweet and Sour Taros
Crisp Burdock
Bamboo Fungus Soup
HK Style Spicy & Sour Soup
Vegetable Miso Soup
Teppanyaki Tofu
Vegan Crispy Chik Rice Set
Chinese Toon Fried Rice with Soy sauce
Assorted Fried Noodle
Tomato Stir-fried Udon
Japanese style Miso Udon
Dainty Combo Meal
Black Pepper Teppanyaki Noodle
Korean Bibimbap
Indian Curry Crispy Steak Rice Set
American Tartar Crisp Steak Rice Set
Pumpkin Hot Pot
Mix Mushroom Hot Pot
The King Oyster Pot
Beijing Sauce Oyster Mushroom
Fried Bamboo shoots with Sesame Oil
Crispy Rainbow
Spicy Lucky thread
Spicy Strings Of Mushroom
Sweet and Sour Chinese Yam
Clay Pot Eggplant
Spicy Soy Protein
Fried Jade Bamboo
Fried Konjac with Basil
Hakka style Fried
Tofu With Chinese Toona Sauce
Salted vegetable soup
Three Dishes and One bowl of soup
Four Dishes and One bowl of soup
Five Dishes and bowl of soup
Six Dishes and One bowl of soup
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