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Taipei City
Guangfu Branch, Taipei(Hot Pot Store)
Taipei Tian Zhuan Zhai (International Fusion Cuisine)
New Taipei City
Green Pool Branch, Taipei (cafe)
Huanbei Branch, Taoyuan (Take Away Shop)
Hsinchu County
Miaoli County
Miaoli Lian He Branch(Fast Food Restaurant)
Taichung City
Happy Branch, Taichung(Take Away Shop)
Yung Fu Branch, Changhua (Fast Food Restaurant)
Tainan City
QingZhong Branch, Tainan(International Fusion Cuisine)
Kaohsiung City
Qinghua Branch, Kaohsiung (Fast Food Restaurant)
Ansin Branch, Pingtung (Fast Food Restaurant)
Luodung Branch, Yilan(Buffet)
Xinyue Branch, Yilan(Fast Food Restaurant)
Yilan Song Fong Yin()
Hualien County
Green Organic Branch, Hualien(organic complex)
Penghu County
Good Friend Veggi House Branch , Penghu(caf'e)
Penghu Paradise B&B
Our Menu
French Fries
Kimchi Ramen
Chocolate Cheese Cake
Taste of Unagi Rice
New York Soy Steak Rice Set
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Lunch Box
Chinese Pesto Roti
Poached Vegetables
Loving Hut Noodles with Sesame Sauce
Rose Cappuccino
Mint Chocolate
Crispy Golden Tofu Rice Set
Strawberry Cheese Pie
Strawberry Cream
Coffee Pudding
New York Soy Steak(A la caret)(Content five Punge..
Unagi Steak(a la caret)
Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti with Green Suace
Crispy Soy Steak Rice Set
Sweet & Sour Ocean Vegan Steak Rice
Tariyaki Oyster Mushrooms Rice Pot
Ocean Moon Rice Pot
Salad Rice
Fresh Mixed Mushrooms with Pumpkin Pot
Savory Tofu Pot
Three-spice Oyster Mushrooms Pot
Tomato Ramen
Pumpkin Noodle Soup
Chinse Stew Noodle Soup
Minty Lime Soda Drink
Healthy Hot Pot
Golden Coast(with soymilk and orange)
Soy Cranberry Milk
Vegan Egg Rice Pot
4 Crispy Golden Tofu(A La Caret)
Mix Fruit Juice
Pumpkin Hot Pot
Tossed Organic Silky Tofu
Japanese-style Miso Hot Pot
Pastoral Fresh Tomato Hot Pot
Kimchi Hot Pot
Oyster Mushroom Steak Tapanyaki
Preserved Vegetable and Q-slip Tofu Rice
Lohas Lunch Box (take away only)
Chef's Lunch Box
Heaven's Silhouette - Classic
Heaven's Silhouette - Classic
Heaven's Silhouette - Classic
Heaven's Silhouette - Classic
Risotto with Basil sauce
Risotto with Tomato sauce
Risotto with Pumpkin sauce
Celestial Vegan G Steak Teppanyaki
Lettuce Salad
Fillet Vegan Steak Tapanyaki
Genki Ramen
Curry bibimbap
Thai spicy & sour ramen
veggie Bone(for good oral hygiene)
veggie Bone (for good oral hygiene)
O’KALI Pet Shampoo(for Both Cats and Dogs)
Coconut Curry Rice Stew
Value for Money Lunchbox
Deep Fried Silver Volume with Spicy Salt
Thai Flat Rice Noodle Soup
Hakka Rice Noodle Soup
Gourmet set meal (Spaghetti + French Fries +Creamy..
Happy set meal (Curry Rice + French Fries +Black T..
Thankful set meal (Braised Vegetable Rice Stew +Ne..
Student set meal (Savory Minced Soy Beans Rice+New..
Thai style rice dom
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