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Yilan Song Fong Yin()
Post code: 260
No.333, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan
 Opening hour
Close on every Wendsday and the second Saturday and Sunday of every month

Dear Customers,

On September 6, 2020 Sunday,

 the vegan restaurant  will be closed

 for one day.

Thank you for your understanding.

With Sincere thanks


[Loving Hut  Yilan Songfengyin -Uncle Wu Vegan restaurant] is located at No. 333, Section 3, Chongshan Road, Yilan City. Uncle Wu is a vegan restaurant. It is a popular Loving Hut vegan restaurant in Yilan.

Welcome to all the customers from Yilan and tourists from Taiwan and the world to Loving Hut Uncle Wu Vegan restaurant to taste the delicious vegan foods and Uncle Wu Vegan stinky tofu is made with traditional family techniques.

Please prepare for your environmental and friendly dinnerware,

 Looking forward to your arrival

 Loving Hut Uncle Wu Vegan Restaurant

Address: 333, Section 3, Chung Shan Road, Yilan City, Formosa, R.O.C.

Tel: +886 3 9332992 
Opening time: 
Everyday  : 11:30 ~ 15:00 morning

                 16:30 – 20:30  evening

 Every Wednesday and the second Saturday and Sunday every month

  are closed.

                                        Loving Hut

【愛家 宜蘭松風吟(吳伯伯素食)】



與台北合菜名聲響徹雲霄的Loving Hut 愛家松風吟結合了~

帶著松風吟的特殊技能 遇上吳伯伯素食臭豆腐的傳統家傳技術


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