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Vegan Dogs are The Healthiest
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Vegan Dogs are The Healthiest

● Survey on Health of Veggie Dogs
   According to a survey on 300 veggie dogs from USA & Canada
   82% in good to excellent health, they have been vegetarian/ vegan
   for 5 years.

   Those dogs who have been vegan for 4 years or vegetarian
   for 5 years did not have any infection.*

● The Report States:
Vegan Dogs are: Happy, Lively, Shiny skin, Fit, Energetic and
    No unpleasant smell.

In Conclusion: The Longer they being Vegan 
   they'll be healthier
   ○ less chance to be infected or to  have cancer or thyroid disorders
   ○ the better chance to raise dog urine alkalinity so as to decrease
      chance of infection.
   ○ less heart-disease problem.

   * Resource from Humane Research Council :


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