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Loving Food for a Loving World at Loving Hut
訪客人數: 1496
Veganism: The Noble Way of Living<

Loving Food for a Loving World at Loving Hut, Part 1 of 3

Loving Food for a Loving World at Loving Hut, Part 2 of 3

Loving Food for a Loving World at Loving Hut, Part 3 of 3

Subsequently, through the loving inspiration of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the foundation of a family of international vegan restaurants was conceived. The plan was to create access to convenient, clean and healthy vegan food, as well as allowing the public to receive more information about how to instantly and easily lead this compassionate lifestyle. Thus, with specific emphasis on the urgency of our planet’s situation and the need to work collectively on a global solution, the great vision of Loving Hut was born. In early 2008, the Loving Hut International Company was established, and by June that year, the first store opened in Taipei City, Taiwan (Formosa).



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