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Michelle Obama and Carla Sarkozy Tell PETA They’re Fur-Free
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Michelle Obama and Carla Sarkozy Tell PETA They’re Fur-Free

Animal lovers in both France and the states (and hopefully the world) have much to rejoice for this week, as both first ladies Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy have officially pledged to kick all of the fur out of their closets.

First was Sarkozy, whose wardrobe was directly spotlighted when a letter from PETA U.S. was leaked to the Associated Press.
Slightly irked by the all-too convenient leak, Sarkozy wrote to Dan Matthews, senior vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals U.S.:

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“Every designer who kindly lends me clothes for public appearances can tell you that I do not accept to wear fur pieces, even when they’re only a small part of the outfit. I hope this letter answers the questions you may have had. Do not hesitate to write to me directly in the future or if you prefer to go through wire service, please take the time to check facts before publication.”
Following suit, Michelle issued a statement through her press secretary Semonti Mustaphi. “Mrs. Obama does not wear fur,” Semonti confirmed.
Michelle could very well have just been taking the defensive as media campaigns coordinator for PETA, Amanda Schinke, assured that they did not strike first: “We’ve never written to Michelle Obama about this issue because we have always known her to be fur-free,” Schinke stated.
As unfortunate as Sarkozy’s vexation is, these two pledges serve as a great step in the fashion world towards eliminating fur.



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